Burn The Fat Feed the Muscle Review

burn the fat feed the muscleOf all the weight loss programs that have been introduced to dieters so far, the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle regimen is currently one of the best selling and the most popular. The program is not actually new in the market but up until today, is still receiving good reviews from both new and old-time users.

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is actually a weight loss e-book developed by champion bodybuilder, Tom Venuto. His book generally focuses on two things: losing weight and contouring the body in the process.

The great thing about this program first of all, is that it does not claim to be the magic bullet to weight loss. In fact, the very first section of the e-book talks about the importance of taking the slow and natural way to shedding off excess pounds. Weight loss is not the goal of the program; rather, it’s simply a means for one to start living healthy.

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The program is also very systematic. Before it fills you with countless tips on dieting and exercises, it instructs you to create a personal goal, first and foremost. This will help you stay on track as you go through your entire weight loss regimen.

Apart from that, Venuto stresses the importance of identifying the different body types. This is because different body types have different metabolic capacities and will therefore, have various dieting and exercise requirements as well.

The book also features different kinds of dieting strategies. This way, you can easily pick ones that work best on your body type and your preferences. It covers a list of food groups that you should and should not be eating. And best of all, it gives you healthier substitutes to food stuffs that may be too heavy to be included in your meals.

Unlike other weight loss regimens that promote the use of dietary supplements, this program gives an honest-to-goodness take on the use, advantages and disadvantages of using them.

Exercise regimens are mainly divided into two types: cardio training and weight training. Although both regimens are covered in the book, Venuto tends to stress on the importance of weight exercises as a more effective means of increasing the body’s metabolism.

Although the online calculators and tools necessary to track your progress are not immediately available in the first package, they can easily be availed of in their online site through a $1 membership trial run. Apart from that, the website also features healthy recipes, tons of audio files (mostly interviews with the author), nutrient databases, review of different dietary supplements and an online forum.

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This product is definitely not for the casual dieter who simply wants to lose a few pounds. The Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program is made especially for those who want to trim down, build up muscles and finally make that serious turn to healthy living.

Over-all, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle e-book spares no information in terms of nutrition, fat loss, dieting and exercise. Although the book has around 341 pages, it is well written and fairly easy to understand. And most important of all, the dieting and exercise regimens featured in Tom Venuto’s program are safe and effective.

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