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Isabel de los Rios
Isabel de los Rios is a well-known nutritionist and exercise expert, and author of a weight loss program called The Diet Solution Program. Up to date, her program has helped over 25,000 struggling dieters get back into shape. Isabel's life story is a huge inspiration to many. During her teens, she was badly overweight and both her grandparents were diagnosed as diabetics. She was told by the family [...]
Tom Venuto
With over 2 decades of experience in the industry, Tom Venuto is one of the best people to turn to for weight management problems. He takes in many roles in the fitness industry - from being a nutrition consultant, a fitness trainer, a model, a coach and a health writer. Tom Venuto had his own share of struggles with weight management. During his younger years, he was severely overweight and not [...]
Rob Poulos
Rob Poulos is a US based fitness guru and the world-renowned author of the Fat Burning Furnace - one of the most popular weight loss programs in the market today. The weight loss regimen features simple but extremely effective tips on how to shed off excess pounds without spending countless hours on the gym. Before Rob came up with the weight loss program, he was actually living the same life as [...]
Vic Magary
Before he discovered his world-renowned weight loss program, Vic Magary was actually living a life very similar to many dieters today. He was badly overweight during his younger years. And although he entered himself into several weight loss programs, he never found a regimen that worked. Several years ago, he decided to join the army and only then was he able to successfully shed off those excess [...]
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