How To Lose Arm Fat

There are many women today who would not even consider wearing a sleeveless dress or shirt these days because they are cursed with arm fat. Under arm fat is unattractive and embarrassing causing the lower part of your arm to jiggle like a bowl of jelly (or worse) whenever you raise it. It is also one of last places where you lose fat when you diet and sometimes that fat never goes away. So the question is just how to lose arm fat?

3 Causes Of Arm Fat

In order to learn how to lose arm fat, it helps to know what causes this condition. There are actually 3 causes of arm fat. Genetics, overweight, and lack of toning. There is nothing you can do about genetics except blame that arm fat on your parents. However, there are things you can do to lose some of that fat and tone your muscles.

How To Lose Arm Fat By Dieting?

If you want to know how to lose arm fat then start by losing weight. If you are overweight then fat builds up all over your body including under your arms. By choosing to eat a healthy well balanced diet you can rid your body including those underarms of some that excess fat. Although keep in mind that dieting without exercise can leave excess skin behind so if you are not exercising along with your diet you may simply be replacing excess skin for excess fat.

How To Lose Arm Fat By Using Massage

While massage without proper diet and nutrition won’t do much on it’s own combining a massage for your underarms with proper diet and other toning methods with help to break up fat deposits so they are easier to get rid of.

Simply use a body lotion and massage your underarms gently in a circular motion. This helps to soften fatty deposits and break them up so they are easier to burn and get rid of. A gentle massage will also help to increase blood circulation to the area and will begin toning those muscles as well.

Toning Exercises

Knowing how to lose arm fat by using toning exercises will also help to firm up your arms and get rid of some of that arm fat. In many cases flabby arms aren’t just due to fat but, are due to lack of muscle tone. By toning your arm muscles you are tightening lose skin and exchanging muscle for fat. While your arms not by get much smaller it will help to keep them from jiggling and they will look better overall. You do want to be careful not to make your arms look overly muscular but, a bit of muscle can actually look pretty good.

There are all kinds of arm toning exercises available that target those underarms so finding the right ones for you will help to get those arms back into shape.

The underarms are a very difficult part of the body to rid of fat. However, with proper diet, exercise, and a little perseverance it is possible to make those underarms look better than you ever thought they could.

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