How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

One of the things that makes dieting so difficult for many people is the exercise part of dieting. Many people, don’t have the time, the energy, or the interest to work out at a gym, taking an aerobics class or even jog or walk around the block. Many people want to know how to lose weight without exercise.

The truth is it that it can be done. Or at least you can lose weight without going the formal exercise route and here are a few tips on how to lose weight without exercise. Keep in mind though that losing weight without exercise is going to be slower than if you were to exercise 3 or 4 times a week.

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It Really Is All About Calories

Losing weight is all about consuming less calories that you need to maintain you present weight. If you are not going to exercise to burn off some of those calories you are going to have to eat less of them. So, the first step in learning how to lose weight without exercise means learning how to cut down on calories without starving yourself. You need to cut down on 3500 calories to lose one pound. That means in order to lose ½ pound a week you will need to cut 250 calories from your diet a day and to lose a pound a week you need to cut 500 calories a day.

For some people that is easier than for others. For example if you are use to drinking two soft drinks a day, and now substitute drinking water in place of those soft drinks you can cut 260 calories a day. The easiest way to start cutting those calories is by substituting foods with less calories for ones that contain a lot of calories that way you won’t feel hungry and can lose weight without exercising.

Changing Positions

If you really want to know how to lose weight without exercise learn how to make choices that burn calories without actually doing those jumping jacks. For example, You burn more calories standing than sitting, and sitting than laying. So, if you are going to spend an hour reading a book then instead of lying in bed or on the sofa to read, sit in a chair. Instead of taking a long hot bath take a long hot shower. While the calories you burn may seem negligible when combined with consuming less calories they all add up and will help burn off those calories and those extra pounds.

Find Things To Do That You Enjoy

Whether you like going to yard sales, or pick up a new hobby getting out and doing things will burn calories without your even knowing it. And the old adage is true. If you enjoy it then it doesn’t count as exercise. So go ahead go for that swim, work in your garden, every little bit helps.

Learning how to lose weight without exercise isn’t that difficult. Life is made up of choices and choosing do things that lowers your calories intake and burns a few calories will both help you to lose weight without ever seeing the inside of a gym or buying a pair of jogging shoes.

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