Isabel de los Rios

isabel de los riosIsabel de los Rios is a well-known nutritionist and exercise expert, and author of a weight loss program called The Diet Solution Program. Up to date, her program has helped over 25,000 struggling dieters get back into shape.

Isabel’s life story is a huge inspiration to many. During her teens, she was badly overweight and both her grandparents were diagnosed as diabetics. She was told by the family doctor that she might suffer the same fate. Determined not to let this get the best of her, she personally sought help from medical professionals and doctors, gathering as much information as she could about healthy living.

After she successfully got back to her normal weight, Isabel did not stop there. She decided to study health and nutrition formally to help out other people who are struggling with the same weight problems.

Isabel graduated with a degree on exercise physiology from Rutgers University. She is now a Certified Strength and Condition Specialist (which is the highest title given by the National Strength and Conditioning Association) and a Holistic Nutrition Coach.

Her years of research paid off and turned her life around. She now lives a vibrant and healthy life and is now author to one of the most effective and popular weight loss regimens in the world. Apart from that, Isabel de los Rios currently coaches special groups of people, mostly patients with heart problems, diabetes and other conditions related to bad eating habits.

Isabel considers the Diet Solution program as one of her biggest achievements. This program is a culmination of her years of research and hard work. What started out as a personal journey to healthy living ended up being one of the most effective weight loss solutions that the world has ever known.

The Diet Solution Program is an e-book that offers dieters the easiest and the most effective solutions to all types of weight problems. The 180-page manual features 3 basic weight loss concepts. First, to identify food groups that can help accelerate metabolism and fat loss. Second, avoid those that cannot be easily metabolized by the body and are stored up as fat. Third, to find the best food group combinations that produces maximum fat burning effects.

What makes her weight loss program so effective is because it gives the weight loss solutions according to a dieter’s body type. The program starts off by letting you answer a series of questionnaires to determine your specific body type and its corresponding dieting needs.

Isabel’s Diet Solution Program is very easy to follow. It features no-fuss tips on how to prepare healthy and balanced meals with the right serving sizes. It also features a detailed meal plan that you can follow day by day.

The Diet Solution Program is not just a mere weight loss manual but is considered to be one of the best guides to healthy living. So if you are still on that search for a good weight loss regimen, then this is probably one of the best choices on the market today. The program also offers a money back guarantee so you’ll be sure to always get your money’s worth.

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