Quick Ways To Lose Weight

Losing weight can be difficult even under the best of circumstances but, when you have been following a diet plan for several days or a week and haven’t seen a single lost pound, then dieting becomes even harder than ever. While these quick ways to lose weight won’t result in your losing 20 pounds a week they will help you to see a steady down motion on your scale to keep you motivated.

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1.    Keep a Food Journal. Believe it or not writing down every morsel you put in your mouth is actually one of the quick ways to lose weight. It will actually make you think twice about what you are eating and will help you eat less. It is surprising the number of people who find them shocked about just how much they eat in the course of a day once they start writing down every cookie, and bite of pasta.

2.    Go Fruity in the mornings. Breakfast is important to consume but, start your day off light and healthy by eating a cup of cantaloupe, strawberries, or blueberries instead of those pancakes or eggs and toast.

3.    Use a Smaller plate with a large raised boarded and fill your plate in the kitchen. As silly as it sounds you can actually trick yourself into eating smaller servings by using a smaller plate and not bringing those serving bowls to the table. Taking the time to chew each bite twenty times will also make you feel full faster and so will drinking 8 ounces before and with each meal.

4.    Park at the far end of the parking lot whenever you go shopping. One of the quick ways to lose weight is to combine exercise with diet but, many people find exercising boring and time consuming so by parking at the far end of the parking lot you are burning additional calories. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is also a good way to add exercise to your daily routine.

5.    Take Up Ballroom Dancing. It is working for Kristi Alley and it can work for you too. Ball room dancing is an enjoyable way to get a real workout that will help you to shed a few pounds.

6.    Go To Bed Earlier. That’s right getting more sleep actually helps you to lose weight. Your body will continue to burn calories while you sleep and you won’t be awake and tempted to partake of those late night snacks.

7.    By A Good Digital Scale And Use It Daily. Spending the money to purchase a good digital scale that ticks off every 1/10 of a pound may seem silly, but, it really is a quick way to lose weight. The reason is when you step on the scale and see you have lost weight even if it is only 1/5 of a pound you feel encouraged to keep going. It also will alert you immediately if you start backsliding before you regain 4 or 5 pounds.

By following these seven quick ways to lose weight you will start seeing results even if they are small ones almost right away and this will help your to continue on your way to a new slimmer you.

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