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Rob PoulosRob Poulos is a US based fitness guru and the world-renowned author of the Fat Burning Furnace – one of the most popular weight loss programs in the market today. The weight loss regimen features simple but extremely effective tips on how to shed off excess pounds without spending countless hours on the gym.

Before Rob came up with the weight loss program, he was actually living the same life as of many typical dieters – struggling through hours of workout and strict dieting regimes, day in and day out. He found himself jumping from one weight loss program to another, in the hopes of getting back into shape, but without any success.

After years of struggling, he finally decided to go his own way. He dedicated a good amount of his time doing research, trying out different exercise and dieting schemes, until finally, he discovered a simple technique that worked. These techniques he now shares in his e-book, the Fat Burning Furnace.

The Fat Burning Furnace is unlike any other weight loss regimens offered in the market. This is because it does not force you to change your eating habits but rather focuses on increasing your resting metabolic rate or RMR to burn more fats and calories.

Grueling exercise has always been one of the main challenges in weight loss regimens. But according to Rob, you do not have to go through these just to shed off those excess pounds. Losing weight is just a matter of picking the right exercise routines that can target multiple muscle groups. This way, you can burn the same amount of fat with just 25-30 minutes of the right exercise routines compared to spending grueling hours on the usual gym exercises.

The book also features a step-by-step guide and several video clips (for the upgraded version) that demonstrate the proper exercise routines. It allows you to upgrade your workout level, depending on your experience. The beginner’s level features fairly simple routines while the advanced level features more intense workouts.

Exercise routines involved in the program requires little or no gym equipment at all. This way, you can do all your day-to-day exercise routines at home. Apart from that, exercises are done very slowly for maximum burn and to avoid any kind of injuries.

The dieting scheme that Rob Poulos features in his book is also very different from the usual fad diets used in most weight loss programs. He discourages eating meals at limited amounts because this can only lead to hanger pangs and untimely food cravings. Sometimes, it can even tempt you to eat more instead.

His take on healthy eating is very simple: give your body what it needs, when it needs it. The reason for this is because the body’s metabolism rate can shift according to the amount of calories you consume. The more calories you take in, the faster your metabolism will run, and vice versa. What is most important is for dieters to pick food groups that are easily metabolized by the body, are not easily stored as fat and help increase the body’s resting metabolic rate.

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