Running to Lose Weight

Thinking about running to lose weight and get rid of unwanted fat? This is one of the best exercises that you can turn to when you want to get in shape. Whether you are an experienced jogger or have never run any further than a few yards you can use this type of aerobic exercise to boost your weight loss efforts into overdrive.

The good thing about running is that almost anyone can do this, and it requires little money or equipment. Just get a good pair of running shoes and you are ready to begin.

For some people the idea of running for enjoyment is almost as important as the idea of running to lose weight. You should get some real pleasure out of the run, but do not push yourself so hard that you lose this enjoyment.

You can always start with brisk walking and then slowly add more speed and longer distances. Make sure that you pace yourself so that you are challenging your body and leg muscles but are not making the run too difficult.

Take a water bottle with you so that you can keep your body fully hydrated. You might also want to take along an MP3 player or an I-pod so that you can listen to music during your exercise session.

Always take the time to stretch your body before and after the run. This will help you keep your leg muscles limber and flexible. Stretching is also a way to help prevent sprains and strains.

When running to lose weight you need to keep your focus on the longer term goal. Do not expect to see miraculous results overnight. It will take you a matter of weeks to really begin to develop any type of true stamina, speed and endurance. But look at the benefits a 45-60 minute run can burn off 300-450 calories. Now how awesome is that?

Sprints should be part of any program that involves running to lose weight. Jogging and easy runs are good activities that will help you tone your body and burn off that excess fat. However the faster sprints will be even more challenging for your body and will help you burn that fat at a faster rate.

If the weather is not perfect or the temperature is too hot or too cold you can always use a treadmill workout to replace your daily run. Daily runs are important for anyone who is beginning a weight loss and fitness regimen and being able to run indoors or outdoors means that you will always be able to participate in this cardio activity regardless of where you are and what kind of weather you are experiencing.

When you are running to lose weight you need to have a program in place that will allow you to chart how you are doing. This can be a simple journal in which you keep track of your time, distance and effort. You also need to have a plan that lets you start at a comfortable pace and then gradually work up to longer distances and faster speeds.

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