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tom venutoWith over 2 decades of experience in the industry, Tom Venuto is one of the best people to turn to for weight management problems. He takes in many roles in the fitness industry – from being a nutrition consultant, a fitness trainer, a model, a coach and a health writer.

Tom Venuto had his own share of struggles with weight management. During his younger years, he was severely overweight and not at the best state of health. When he entered high school, he was inspired by champion bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger to start weight training. He started working out with a simple barbell set and a bench in his parent’s garage. Six months later, he enrolled himself in the gym and has not stopped working out ever since.

But in spite of his regular workout routine, Tom was barely living a healthy lifestyle. During college, he had bad eating habits and he was living on fast foods and alcohol. He scored badly in body fat composition tests and other health exams.

On his third year in college, he decided that it was time to turn things around. He ditched fast food eating and coupled his workouts with healthier eating habits. A year later, Tom Venuto joined his very first body building competition and won second place. After that first win, he found himself competing and winning more and more body building competitions.

In 1989, he started working as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant. But it was not until a decade later that Tom Venuto began writing and publishing his works online. Up to date, he has written over 400 articles, posted in top websites all throughout World Wide Web and published in many of the leading health magazines in the country.

One of his most recognized work is the weight loss program: Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. The techniques he features on this program are the very same ones he used to get his own body into shape.

The weight loss manual introduces dieters to 4 major elements of weight loss: nutrition, weight training, cardio training and motivation. A good deal of the book is dedicated to giving readers tips on how to create healthy eating habits and recipes for making nutritionally balanced meals. Tom believes that diet is the number one key to an effective and safe weight loss process.

Tom Venuto frequently stresses that this is not a weight-loss program but rather a fat-loss regimen. Most of the exercises featured in the book are geared towards burning fats and calories and building up lean muscles.

Even though this program is written by a bodybuilder, the regimen is not made for them alone. The dieting and exercise regimens featured in the book can easily be done by anyone, bodybuilder or not. They are made for both men and women as well.

Tom Venuto does not require dieters to invest in expensive exercise equipment at all. What you need to have are the basic weight equipments and you should be able to do all the required exercise routines at home.

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