Weight Loss Tips For Women

Losing weight is never an easy process and women often have more difficulty shedding those pounds than do their male counterparts. There are a number of reasons for this including pressure from others to shed weight, the stress of trying to do it all, work, parent and be the chief cook and bottle washer as well. So, these weight loss tips for women may help get you over some or all of these hurdles.

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1. Do it for yourself. Losing weight because your partner, parent, or friend thinks you should hardly ever results in success. The reason being because those closest to you are supposed to love you for who you are and if they are criticizing your weight then you are going to be worried that once you lose the weight they will find something else to criticize.

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2. Have a support system. Most women find that dieting is easier if they have someone who will be there for them to listen to their triumphs and failures and who will be willing to suggest fun alternative activities to eating.

3. Keep lots of low calorie foods on hand. This is a great weight loss tip for women. If something happens that you feel a compulsion to snack having apples, carrot sticks and other low calorie foods on hand means that even though you are back sliding a bit you will be consuming less calories.

4. Another of the better weight loss tips for women is to find ways to de-stress. Oftentimes when women feel stressed they turn to eating as a means of handling it. By finding other ways to de-stress like taking long hot baths, going for walks or listening to music you are breaking a bad habit and saving on those calories.

5. If possible get someone else to clear the table and put away the food. Most women even when they are full have a tendency to pick at left overs while doing the kitchen clean up. If someone else clears the tables and puts the leftovers away you are less likely to be tempted to pick at the food and add those extra calories.

6. Eating as slowly as possible is another weight loss tip for women. Take the time to savor each bite of food chewing it slowly. This will start your digestive juices flowing and you will feel full. When you eat fast you eat more than your body needs because your digestive system doesn’t kick in and alert you that you have had enough until after you have consumed more food than you need.

7. Learn the difference between real hunger and psychological hunger. Many times we get into such a habit of eating something at certain times of the day that even when we are not hungry we feel hungry. Learning to tell the difference and finding ways to avoid that psychological hunger will help to lose weight.

By eating close to the same time every day, your body will adjust quicker to your new eating habits and you will stop feeling those constant hunger pangs that can hurt any diet. Staying positive and finding ways to make your diet more fun is another weight loss tip for women that will also help you to stick it out and get the results you want.

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